About Us

As a father and son family business, Dave and Dave Jr. have been serving Arizona residents and Arizona Businesses for more than 20 years.  Building multiple million dollar companies, the Father and Son team have forged relationships and alliances spanning more than 20 years in the valley, and beyond.  Marketing business has become second nature, and the key to their success, to sustaining their growth through the changing economic times.

Internet Marketing has become an essential skill for any business to thrive in the 21st century.  The Yellow Pages, once the king of local marketing, has been dethroned by the the Internet.  Google has replaced nearly all forms local business marketing and client acquisition.

Arizona’s Top SEO has earned it’s distinction as a leader in Search Engine Marketing by developing a strategy for local businesses to reach the top rankings of in the Google Search Engine.

AZ Top SEO clients are continuing to grow their businesses by being found by the highest value customers in their market, through maximum exposure on the Internet.

“Google Domination” is the mantra used by our team to take our clients to the top of their game.  In the past 7 years of helping local residents, they have earned the title of Arizona SEO Expert.

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